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Thank you for supporting our Veterans!

This is Not Just a School for Service Dogs...

We train people! Our 12 month intensive program is more than obedience school. We provide purpose-bred service dog puppies who are well started in their training to our veteran students. As our admitted student, we will guide you through a comprehensive education including learning theory, dog development and cognition, dog care and management, applied training skills and drills, and customized service dog tasking based on your specific medical needs. We are here to guide you through the entire process of acquiring, raising, caring for, and training your own service dog. We help you develop a bond based on viewing dogs as social subjects, not objects. Click the arrow on the right to expand and read more about our program.

We only use fear-free, force-free, reward-based methods to help you develop a confident, trusting, trustworthy partner, without ever shaming, scaring, scolding, or punishing you or your dog. We are mindful of your trauma and the challenges you have faced. We use teaching methods that help you patiently nurture and develop a caring, supportive best friend to share the rest of your healing journey. We teach you to give and receive love, kindness, and support reciprocally; and both you and your future service dog will come to know you are equal partners who gives as much support to your trusting canine partner as he or she will give to you. Through our program you will learn more than you ever thought possible about teaching and learning, and especially about how much more amazing, empathic and intelligent dogs are than you might have ever imagined.

It's not easy... This is a rigorous program that holds learners, both human and canine, to the highest standards. We will set you up for success by helping you progress through each lesson with our full support and a variety of teaching materials to help you learn in the ways that work best for you. We will encourage you to help yourself by holding you accountable to your commitment, because we know you want to do your very best. We believe in both you and your dog, and strive to help you achieve your "personal best" as teammates. It can be tough, and sometimes tiring. It is hard work, but it is worth it. Our graduate service dog teams are outstanding ambassadors who demonstrate the skills, discipline, love, and dedication that reflect their commitment.

We offer full scholarships covering 100% of tuition for qualifying veterans. Check out the links below to learn more about PTSD Service Dogs, our program, admissions and registration, our graduate students, and us. We look forward to meeting you and helping you learn.

Peggy Moran's School for Dogs, LLC has partnered with AVSDA to offer the highest level of training and educational support to Veterans diagnosed with PTSD who have been prescribed a service dog.

Thank You for Supporting Our Veterans!

According to the Veterans Administration, currently an average of 20 Veterans commit suicide everyday in the United States. AVSDA's mission is to bring this number down using the proven, positive effects of service dogs.