Student Grades

Our grading system is fair and easy to understand!

Enrolled students... 

Will have learning theory-based online coursework to complete, which is worth a total of 100 points per week:

1. View all posted lesson materials (20 points)

2. Post a response to lecture prompts in our discussion board (20 points).

3. Submit answers to quiz questions (20 points).

4. Attend weekly private lesson (20 points).

5. Attend weekly group lesson (20 points).

We require each student to earn 80%, or 80 points per week, to move forward to the next lesson's materials. In the case of excused absences, we allow the same number of days the student has missed for making up missing work.


All enrolled students will also have weekly applied-training lessons which require hands-on training practices. Short video recordings of applied training practices are required to be uploaded as assigned. Video assignments are graded based on submitted or not submitted.  These videos are crucial to successful progression through the AVSDA program. There is no need for fancy equipment, and most smart phones work great for both recording and easily uploading practice videos. We instruct students in the use of all technology and applications necessary to complete assignments.